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I’m Simone Crowley, a UX designer who applies design thinking and human-centered design principles to each project I work on. I combine user research with my background in graphic design and animation to create meaningful solutions. 

Please take a look around my site and do contact me if you want to chat about design, illustration, gaming or cats! 


I use analytics and user research insights to validate design hypotheses and inform design decisions. My process isn’t the same for each project, but I follow design thinking and human-centered design principles breaking up the project into stages.


Empathy is important in researching and understanding users needs, enabling you to set aside assumptions and gain real insight.


Once the research phase is completed it’s time to analyse the data collected to define problems and identify possible solutions.


The next phase is to start generating ideas which help you investigate ways to solve the problems you have identified.


You can start to visualise the solutions by sketching and creating prototypes that identify the best possible solution.


Evaluate your solutions through testing, using the results to work iteratively, altering and refining the design, and testing again.