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UX Design


While working at Fabrik I worked on a project for a client with a large e-commerce website, that houses offers for short/luxury breaks, dining, beauty, golf, leisure and goods. The client was looking to update the design with a view to improve conversion.

My Role

Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis
UI & Visual Design
Wireframing & Prototyping
Liaising with Developers


The assumption was that there were a lot of categories and content, which made it difficult for the user to navigate the site. But to fully understand what was working and what wasn’t, user research was performed. Some of the research methods used were heuristics evaluation, interviewing business stakeholders and a competitor analysis.

The client had gathered a large amount of quantitative and qualitative user data which was also reviewed. There was website analytics, data collected through online and in person surveys, and data collected from focus groups.


Heuristic Analysis


Competitor Analysis


Stakeholder Interviews


Latest Trends/Best Practices Research


The quantitative and qualitative data was analysed using methods like affinity diagramming to identify patterns and themes. Personas and scenarios were created to define the user journey. Card sorting was used to improve categorisation for the information architecture, sitemap and navigation. Designs were created first by sketching, then creating and testing low-fi and high-fi wireframes.

Measuring Impact

We performed usability testing sessions and heuristic analysis to compare the impact the designs had on users. Impact on conversion was measured through analysis of the website analytics tracking clicks and sales.

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