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Gaming Marketing Website

I have been on assignment at Facebook for nearly three years. During this time I have lead UX projects on the Facebook Gaming for Marketers website. I am under NDA so I can’t share any insights about the solutions I have helped to build, but I am able to share the designs that are available at


E-Commerce Site

While working at Fabrik I worked on a project for a client with a large e-commerce website. The website houses offers for short/luxury breaks, dining, beauty, golf, leisure and goods. The client was looking to update the design with a view to improve conversion.


Digital Annual Reports

While working at Fabrik I worked on a number projects creating digital versions of the annual reports that were created in-house.


UX Design Research Project on Transport Mobile App

This project was part of the Fundamentals of User Experience Design certificate course I completed at IADT. It consisted of user research, prototyping, usability testing and writing a 3000-3500 word report.